Clarinet Light Tenon Cork Kit

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This kit contains 17 clarinet pads, for Your Bb clarinet.  Our clarinet pads are high quality, double-skin, with premium felt.  Made in USA! 

4 pieces of our popular, clarinet tenon cork are also included. This cork is AAAA quality, natural tenon cork. *Cork requires contact cement for installation (not included).  A one ounce tube will be more than enough for the job and it is available at most Dollar stores and home improvement stores.  Use only non-water based contact cement.

The pad installation requires a clean-burning heat source, such as an alcohol lamp or mini butane torch. 

If you order this kit and find any of the pads are not the correct size, please email us for replacements.

This kit also contains:

(1) small bag of adhesive pellets
(1) LED leak light
(1) set of written instructions
(1) .25 oz jar of woodwind key polish, Made in USA!
(4) stainless steel springs
(5) key wedges
(1) woodwind repair screwdriver
(1) 5ml bottle of key oil, Made in USA!
(1) bottle of liquid pad adhesive, Made in USA!
(4) Strips of sandpaper
(1) contact cement brush
(1) razor blade
(1) tube of cork grease, Made in USA!
(2) square sheets of feeler foil, Made in USA!